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ID Toolbar Remover 1.2

ID Toolbar Remover is a prime-rated removing programof all undesired...

ID Toolbar Remover is a prime-rated removing programof all undesired items in the Toolbar menu, getting rid of unwanted BHOs and anyunsolicited preferences.

Removesunwanted Internet Browser items. ID ToolbarRemover has a deleting wizard to help you get rid of BHO, ToolBand, Toolbars, Menu Extensions, and Download Managers, keeping themaway from your browser.

ErasesProtocol Handlers, horizontal / vertical Explorer bars (side-search bars)and Startup applications originating from RUN registry keys. Restoresany option you might have disabled.

It gives you the possibilityof restoring parts of the toolbar whenever you decide you want themback, and lets you add new items at your request.

Protectsyour computer against spyware that might come as items trying toinstall in the Internet Explorer Toolbar. ID ToolbarRemover acts as a guardian againstpossible spyware threats.

Blocksor unblocks toolbar. By blocking the toolbar you stop any itemsfrom showing on the Internet explorer Toolbar menu, including those thatshow-up by themselves, usually being harmful unsolicited items.

IDToolbar Remover immunizes the location wherespyware may attempt to install, including most popular CLSIDlocations Monitorsin search for suspect items trying to get inside the toolbar.

IDTool Remover offers transparent? on-the-fly? protection against spyware intruders. IDToolbar Remover is a very easy to use program, with a friendlyconvenient graphic interface.

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ID Toolbar Remover


ID Toolbar Remover 1.2

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